Caramels are a yummy, irresistible sweet. Whether dipped in chocolate, sprinkled with sea salt, or made with a nip of brandy, everyone will find a favorite among these heavenly treats. Presented with step-by-step instructions and 55 full-color photographs each of the 34 recipes becomes practically foolproof. A helpful overview of basic techniques gives caramel lovers the tools they need to explore all the possibilities of sugar in its most sublime form: candies, bars, and sauces.

Be Sweet: Chocolate Truffles
 Yummy, Sweet, Irresistable

If chocolate truffles are your idea of heaven, then you've come to the right place: 30 truffle recipes, five fabulous one-bites, and enough melting and dipping to satisfy any chocolate fiend. This book offers detailed, step-by-step directions and photographs that illustrate key techniques for anyone who wants to learn how to make these heavenly confections.


Be Sweet is a charming new series from Sellers Publishing. It's a Cupcake Party! celebrates the continued popularity of cupcakes and the spirit of handcrafted fun food with delightful, easy-to-make cupcake fondant toppers that are sure to be crowd pleasers at any event. It's a Cupcake Party! features 12 seasonal recipes, step- by-step instructions and photographs for each creation, and no special tools are required! These books deliver exceptional content at an excellent price.

Cupcake Whimsy includes 12 recipe combinations with 12 different fillings hidden inside the cupcake.

Enter Whooptopia, a place where smiling frogs sit upon lily pads, sweet spiders perch in their webs, and UFOs land neatly in your kitchen. These scrumptiously fun, decorated whoopie pies will delight everyone! Divided into two sections this handy guide provides step-by-step photographic instructions on baking whoopie pies and 14 easy to make recipies!

Be Sweet: Cutie Pops

Welcome to Poptopia, a place where cute
reigns supreme. The inhabitants include everyone from bow-tied piggy pops (brownie cake mixed with milk chocolate ganache and decorated fondant tops) to singing angels, complete with halos (angel food cake mixed with buttercream frosting), to buzzing yellow bees (honey cake mixed with lemon buttercream frosting) and young Frankensteins (vanilla marshmallow sandwiches with mini graham crackers). Dessert just got a makeover!